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Have you ever noticed that when you are impatient that something of a negative nature occurs? Perhaps something like someone feeling uncomfortable with you? Or you feeling embarrassed because you complained about a problem that has already been solved? Or learning that if you had just been patient that something good would have naturally evolved? Or that package arrived the very day you called and got angry at the sender? Have you ever settled for second best when, if you had just waited, you could have had what you really wanted? As a child have you every had a teacher or parent whose energy said, “Hurry up!” If so, did it cause you to be anxious and actually inhibit your learning? As an adult have you ever experienced that uncomfortable feeling of impatience where you feel anxious and nervous? Notice how you have answered these questions. How you have answered them may help motivate you to slow yourself down. Perhaps it’s a good thing for you to explore a new perspective of things that a slowing down can bring about. Being patient doesn’t mean holding yourself back from doing something while you feel stressed and anxious. Patience means you have a new broader perspective on the benefits of being patient. You have a calmer outlook on how things can be done. Wouldn’t that feel good?

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