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Willie’s Sense of Humor

Willie is a wonderful therapy dog with a sense of humor. He comes to my office when I see clients and when a client is happy to see Willie he returns the favor with his eager wiggles and kisses. He will often stop and look around the room for his play toy in hopes that my client will throw it for him a couple of times. No, let’s get serious…throw it for him for at least an hour. Anyway, at home Willie expresses his sense of humor with his ball in a different way than just being eager for a game of throw and chase. He will take his ball and trot to the end of the deck, drop the ball, then nudge it over the deck as he watches the ball fall fifteen feet below. He then smiles to himself and trots back. When I say, “Go get your ball!” he will pretend to look around for it. What a funny boy!

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