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San Diego and Encinitas Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy Valentine’s Day Advice: One Important Thing

What’s the most important thing to remember on Valentine’s Day…actually any day? San Diego and Encinitas psychotherapy and hypnotherapy says, “Love others as you would love yourself.” Sound familiar? It’s a psychological truth that you cannot love anyone else more than you love yourself. In fact, until you love yourself you cannot love another. This truth is so important to know. Many people put themselves last, giving themselves over to another person they “love” or are “in love with.” This is really called co-dependency and isn’t really love. OK, so here is what loving yourself feels like. It’s like when you look within yourself and you see all the you’s that ever were…your inner child, all of them, your teen self, your young adult self, etc. and you have an overwhelming feeling of compassion, forgiveness, and tenderness toward all your inner selves. When you can look at a photo of yourself during a difficult time and have such tender love for that person in the photo, you…that’s love. Here’s an idea. Place a bunch of photos of yourself around the house…all ages. And every time you pass one look at it and say inwardly, “I love you so much!” Feel it in your heart. Accept it. Love yourself.

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