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You’re Safe

Dear One your thoughts hold you like a rigid prisoner. They give you no room to be human, to make mistakes, to grow. What condition or events required you to be so perfect that you should rob yourself of your right to make mistakes? Perhaps you are afraid of bringing the wrath of someone upon yourself. Perhaps you think that if you hold very still and don’t move a muscle that you will be safe. This comes from childhood and you are automatically reacting to something that happened that scared you stiff. Usually it’s some condition that repeated itself like Mother and Father fighting. Whatever it is it’s safe now as the adult you are today to remember it and acknowledge it. You’re safe. And by remembering it you can heal it. You can allow yourself to relax and be happy. You can learn to trust yourself and your perceptions. You don’t have to count on some outside source of authority for direction. You were born with an intuitive knowledge of what is good and right. You can give yourself permission to experiment and make mistakes. It’s through making mistakes that we grow. It’s supposed to happen, Dear One. It’s OK. You’re safe.

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