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Balanced Growth

Dear One I am so glad you are seeking help to recover your childhood memories. This will not only help you win your goal of peace of mind but it will help you balance. You have done a good deal of work on your spiritual path. Clearly that work has paid many benefits and has brought you closer to Spirit. I have noticed many times over the years of my practice as a therapist that one’s work spiritually often compliments one’s work psychologically. Our spiritual health and our emotional/mental health are indeed separate entities. I have also seen when one works on only one aspect, spiritual or mental health, that there is an imbalance. Many believe that going to church or meditating alone should bring them happiness and mental health. Our personal growth work must be done along with our spiritual work. This means embarking on a tireless quest for understanding and transforming our core beliefs that are the basis of our self defeating behavior and thoughts. Going into a state of bliss spiritually may take you temporarily away from your pain but you must always return to the reality of your life and your relationships. We must learn not only how to transform our self defeating core beliefs, we must learn win-win communication. We must also learn how to manage our emotions, and how to set healthy boundaries. Our personal and spiritual growth are two separate things and can be dealt with separately and in tandem.

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