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Heart Attack Scare and Love

Dear One yesterday I drove you to the hospital. You were having chest pain and you thought you may even have had a heart attack several days ago. You didn’t call your doctor nor did you go to the hospital then. I love you and so I’m deeply concerned for your health. Fortunately you were not having a heart attack. You had just forgotten to take your medication. So I picked you up from the hospital in the evening. Before we knew you were OK and you were lying on the emergency room bed as I held your hand I sent you all my love and support. You rarely allow me to give you a hug and this was the first time we touched in the way of my holding your hand. You let me love you and allowed my hand to comfort you. Thank you for that. It’s funny but those giving love need to have that love received. It’s the circle of love and life. You let that happen and perhaps it has sealed a new depth of trust in our relationship. I know in your childhood you didn’t feel loved or worthy in your family and that has kept you at an arm’s distance from closeness in your adult life. Perhaps an emergency such as yesterday’s was meant to open the door to love again.

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