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Gratitude And Self-Esteem

In our increasingly narcissistic culture real and sincere gratitude is often a rare commodity. But the expression of gratitude is an important part of your self esteem. Why is gratitude important for self esteem? Well, let’s examine this for a minute. First let’s examine the act of giving. Giving requires a sacrifice. The sacrifice might be time, money, effort, the setting aside of needs, or even sacrificing physical or emotional well-being. When someone gives to you, you can be sure that they have made some kind of sacrifice. A sincere giver is always willing to sacrifice and often doesn’t think of their sacrifice as a sacrifice. However, as one who receives your recognition of their sacrifice and your gratitude for it is important. When you acknowledge that someone has given to you and you have allowed yourself to receive their gift then you have opened yourself on some level to being loved. The acknowledgment of and experience of love is essential for well-being. The more you acknowledge the love you receive from others and from the universe, the greater your self esteem. So when someone or the universe gives to you express your gratitude out loud. Mention the sacrifice you realize that has been made in your behalf. Your recognition of the gifts others give to you is important for your well-being.  The expression of gratitude for those gifts completes the circle of giving and receiving.

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