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Get Away Into Nature

Get away into nature consistently for your general well-being. When you’re feeling stressed, sad, conflicted, or generally down especially get away into nature. This could mean just sitting in your back yard if you live in an nature-abundant areas. It could also mean getting in your car and feeling the miles roll away beneath you as you temporarily escape to some beautiful destination. The act of just traveling in your car can give a hopeful perspective to things. Being in nature can actually begin to heal you. When you are in nature you are reminded of something deep within yourself that is eternal. You are subconsciously reminded that your problems are temporary and that there is a great creative power that also dwells within you. Walk or simply sit. Listen, breathe, take in the details of nature. Let the Phoenix rise within you. Remember that from the ashes of your despair arise the Phoenix of your Truth and joy. In nature this can happen naturally. Whether the nature you seek is ocean, desert, mountain, meadow, or field it can help heal. The wilder the natural setting and the further from people the better. People can bring their own confused or conflicted energies to a place so a people-sparse environment is good. So get away into  nature and let it do its thing. When you return to your living room you will have a new perspective on things.

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