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Dear One, you are sentimental and kind soul. Any yet you carry prejudices that you nurture and justify. “The Mexicans are ruining our country.” “Black people are ugly.”  These are things I have heard you say and worse. I can’t help but think that these attitudes are born of your unwillingness to look more deeply. I have seen your moments ruined by this kind of negative thinking. I have seen you lose your peace of mind as you go on a negative monologue of complaining about something over which you have no control. Do you not see how you are stuck in the past? Do you not see how you may be perpetuating something your parents or your culture may have taught you? There is a song in the movie South Pacific. It’s called “You’ve Got To Be Taught.” It goes something like this, “You’ve got to be taught from year to year. It’s got to be drummed in your dear little ear to hate all the people your relatives fear. You’ve go to be carefully taught.” Perhaps you were carefully taught and it’s time to question those teachings. They have been robbing you of your happiness and makes you not much fun to be with.

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