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Rescuing Your Inner Child

Dear One you have for the first time discovered and experienced your inner child. You found her in all her preciousness and in all her loneliness. The love and compassion you felt may have overwhelmed you as you saw how wounded she was and how much she needed your love. And you did love her.  And you explained to her that you were her adult self and that you would never leave her and that she was safe. You told her that she had made it through childhood and was no longer stuck in the painful circumstances of her childhood. You told her that she had understandably made a mistake in how she interpreted her circumstances and that she was truly worthy of love. You rescued her from the emotional past she was stuck in and freed her from her self defeating thoughts. And when that was done you opened your eyes and felt amazed at your experience. Dear One reach out to your inner child repeatedly. Rescue her a thousand times. Each time you love her and tell her wonderful truths you are healing yourself and your current life will reflect this healing. You will be more confident, more clear in your thinking, and more able to say and do those things you want to say and do.

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