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Religious Arrogance

Dear One we met at a wedding recently and we sat at the same table during the reception. Your blue eyes sparkled with enthusiasm as you spoke of your career. Placed subtly between the lines was your deeper commitment to your religious beliefs. It was somewhat charming although I felt the steel beneath the friendly banter. Later when the party had become a small group you began to judge others as sinners. You were critical of public personalities and others who didn’t believe as you did and made statements like, “Some day they will see the light.” Your physical energy was aggressive and said that no one dare to cross you otherwise they would get a mouth full of your judgments. I remained quiet. I saw no benefit in engaging with you at this point since it was clear that you wanted to be in charge of the direction of the conversation and closed to another point of view. I could not help but reflect on the souls I have known in the past whose manner and presence told of tolerance and humility while embracing a clear and steady belief in their inner truths. Your religious arrogance told me that perhaps you have a ways to go in truly understanding and living the meaning of your religion. Super charged religious zealots like yourself tend to deny their religion while at the same time “selling” it. Dear One look within at how you present yourself. Are you a true representative of love and tolerance?

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