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You Can Learn To Focus

Janet has a profound ability to focus. She wasn’t born that way. She learned to focus. One day she realized that she was undermining herself every time she got impatient and didn’t finish a job or project. She decided to learn to focus and practiced it consciously every day. Gradually her ability to focus improved and she began to see tangible results in her life. The ability to focus is a cornerstone of success. People with ADD have a more difficult time succeeding because they cannot stay focused on anything long enough to see it through to fruition. If you find that you get distracted or bored easily take a look at your life disappointments and see if your past mistakes or failures are in part due to your lack of ability to focus. If you learn that your inability to focus is a problem then know that you can learn to focus. Be life Janet. Decide to put in a conscious effort every day to discipline yourself. Every time you feel yourself slipping stop and tell yourself to stick with the program. You will learn to focus and your life success will reflect it.

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