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When you receive from another you are giving them the gift of giving. You may have heard, “‘Tis better to give than to receive.” Perhaps it’s true that both to give and to receive are equal in their value. Giving is a necessary part of a happy life.  To enjoy the benefits of giving the giver needs a willing receiver. Receiving is a part of the happiness equation. Giving and receiving go hand in hand. Think back. Have you ever planned to give or given with great anticipation and pleasure to another only to have it refused? Do you recall your disappointment? How wonderful it would have been if your potential receiver embraced with joy what you had to give. They may have said, “No, I can’t take that from you. It wouldn’t be right” only to have you think, “But if you took this from me you would be doing me a favor.” So when next you are in the position of the receiver, receive with joy and appreciation and know you are giving your giver a wonderful gift. Giving and receiving are the breath of life. Breathing in and breathing out. It’s natural and comforting and healthy.

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