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It’s important for you to have some non-negotiable rules in your life. The Golden Rule is a good place to start but you may think of other important boundaries to live by. For example, never engaging in a fruitless argument, or making sure you get a good night’s rest, or having a limit on how much you put on your credit card, or always finishing the dishes before bed. Your non-negotiable rules and boundaries give your life a structure that gives you a sense of security. Yes, there may be times when breaking the rule might be to everybody’s best interest. For example, if you have a non-negotiable rule to exercise every day it may be best that you not exercise when you are over tired or ill. People who don’t have non-negotiable rules and boundaries for their lives tend to experience too much freedom of choice that leads to poor decision making, confusion, and downright flakey, even destructive, behavior. Non-negotiables are particularly important when it comes to relationships. What you are willing to do or experience with others can define the quality of your life. Perhaps it’s time to take a close look at your relationships, your every day habits, your finances, your health, etc. and decide if you want to add any new boundaries.

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