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How To Quit Therapy The Right Way

Dear One when you have decided to leave a therapy or therapist it is good to do so with consideration to the therapist and to yourself. Many people quit therapy prematurely, having learned that they are unwilling to suffer the rigors of therapy. They want the results of therapy but they don’t want to do the work. Unfortunately this is a human trait and especially prevalent in our instant gratification prone culture. Good therapy is a lot of emotional work and requires your patience and time. So if you are not ready to invest your entire self in your therapy it is best to wait until you are ready. If you have begun therapy and are having second thoughts, tell your therapist. Do the right thing. If you don’t talk about it in a session at least call them and discuss it with them on the telephone. Don’t call and cancel on a voice mail when you think your therapist won’t pick up the phone. Remember many therapists have cell phones and a middle-of-the-night call would wake them. Don’t email them your cancelation. Don’t text them your cancellation. Talk to them in person. Thank them for the time and effort they have invested in you and tell them that you are not quite ready to take the therapy plunge. They will understand. When you have considerate closure that opens the door for you to come back to that therapist when you are ready without feeling you have done the wrong thing by them before.

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