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Your Emotions

An important life lesson is to learn to manage your emotions so they support you instead of run you. Emotions are important for your well being however you need to teach them who is boss. Emotions without self discipline will run the show. Don’t allow your emotions to make your decisions. Use your good judgment and intuition to guide you. In our continuing education group we talked about how important this is. You thought perhaps that the story of being unable to meet for your individual session was not a good example. I encourage you to recognize the decisions you made that set that event in motion. Notice how your emotions dictated to you what to do and how to communicate. From that point of view it was a good example and you have the opportunity to learn a valuable lesson from it that could safe you  a lot of pain in the future. Discipline yourself to think clearly without allowing your emotions to become so powerful an influence. Your emotions are there to give you energy, color, fun, and power to your life experience. They are not there to make your decisions. Do you recall the metaphors I gave? Put your clear thinking and wisdom in the drivers seat of your car and your emotions in the back seat. You are all riding together in the same car but the one at the wheel is not so reactive. Another metaphor I gave was that of a singer.  To sing well a singer must express her emotions but must first have discipline of her voice and technique otherwise she will sing off pitch, forget the lyrics, or get off the beat. Her emotions are important but don’t serve her well if she allows them to run the song. So, your emotions are important but must bow to the wisdom of self discipline and clear thinking.

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