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How To Process – Example

Dear One you have shown that you intuitively know how to heal yourself of past emotional wounds. You have done what I call “Processing.” You have recognized the unexpressed anger inside of you that you felt when you were a child when your parents were fighting. At that time it wasn’t safe to be angry since there was so much anger already that threatened your security so you held your anger inside. Now as the adult you are today it’s safe to acknowledge that anger and express it. So you knelt by your bed and hit your fits into the mattress yelling, “No, no, no” repeatedly. You got so angry and loud. When you were done you felt a little stunned but somehow empowered and relieved. Then you imagined you were rescuing your child-self from all that fighting your parents did. You walked right into that house and took her hand. Then you took her to your home and held her in your arms and rocked her. You spoke to her out loud and told her that she was safe, that she was innocent and wasn’t the cause of her parents’ unhappiness, and that she was worthy. You told her that you loved her over and over again. And as you did this she relaxed and smiled and finally drifted off to sleep. And you, your present self, felt a warm peace fill you up. You have done a process that has opened the door to your healing. Now your life will be more peaceful and you will feel more empowered and confident.

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