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How To Process – What Is Processing?

Processing is a word I use to describe a specific set of actions that bring about a therapeutic healing. For example, it’s healthy to release unexpressed emotions that are holding a self defeating core belief in place. So a Process can offer a way to identify and express those ‘hidden’ emotions. Let’s back up a bit. A self defeating core belief is a negative belief you have carried about yourself for many years, probably since infancy or childhood, that creates negative patterns of behavior. For example, a child could have experiences that cause him to interpret that he is not worthy. This belief can unconsciously be carried forward throughout his life causing him to act unworthy creating circumstances that make him feel unworthy which in turn reinforces the belief that he is not worthy. It simply perpetuates itself. Processing allows us to get in touch with the past events and circumstances that caused us to take on negative core beliefs like not being worthy. And Processing allows us to express the emotions that we never expressed at the time. Processing allows us to look at the past events and circumstances with an adult perspective. Having a new perspective regarding your past experience allows you to have a new perspective about the present. Processing allows all this and more.

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