When To Let Go And Accept

Dear One you are starting to see how you make yourself unhappy by becoming upset about things over which you have no control. You are starting to see how you complain repeatedly over some situation that isn’t going the way you want. You are also starting to see how complaining actually compounds the problem by reinforcing your feelings of helplessness. Not only do you have the initial problem over which you are upset, you also have the problem of your self imposed stress and frustration. And to add to the unpleasantness your complaining affects others negatively creating the potential for additional problems. This pattern of complaining may have originated in all of us when we were infants when the way to get help was to cry or have a tantrum. As babies we knew that our survival depended on how much we complained. Then complaining actually worked. That’s why babies cry. Now as adults instead of solving a problem complaining creates problems. Practice recognizing when you have no control over a situation and then practice letting go, accepting, and turning your attention to something over which you do have control. Letting go and accepting is a choice and over a little time you can learn to do it automatically. Peace of mind eagerly awaits you, Dear One.

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