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Be Present

Have you ever been with someone who seems to be some place else, not present with you? Lonely isn’t it. It may well be that person is either in the future or the past in thought. When you are in the present you have the opportunity to experience life at its best. It is in each moment we have that we can find peace of mind. Review of the past and planning for the future do have their place. However, most of your life can be spent in the present. The present offers you many pleasures. In the present you can find the joy of another person, a conversation, a pet, a meal, a rain storm, a walk, music, or thousand of other things that can bring pleasure and peace. Every moment has an “energy”, a special feeling that can enrich you and even send you into a state of bliss. Try this: some time today stop in the midst of your past and future thinking, focus on the present and relax into the moment. Whatever happens to be in front of you even if you are engaged in some menial activity stop and simply be engaged and present in that activity. Don’t push yourself to the next moment or try to hold onto one past. Just go with the flow of each moment that passes. You will discover a treasure. Be present and you will be happy.

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