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Be Positive

Your thoughts are tangible “things” that have the power to manifest and create your experience. In other words, what you think is what you experience. Take the time to observe your thoughts and observe how your thoughts affect you. How do they make your feel? Your feelings are part of the “energy” that creates experience. It’s like you send out an instruction to the universe that this is what you want and expect. You’ve probably heard, “Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.” It’s the same principle. What you think creates your experience. Negative thinking is a common bad habit most often learned in childhood. So sometimes you have to make a concentrated effort to examine your thoughts and turn them around. Here’s an example: You can turn, “I didn’t get enough sleep. It’s going to be a hard day,” into “I am going to relax away any anxiety I may feel  this day and enjoy each moment.” All negative thoughts can be turned into positive thoughts by simply saying the opposite or creating a positive slant on it. Here’s another example: You can turn, “I can never negotiate anything with that person,” into “I’m going to communicate in such a way so that person feels safe and wants to cooperate.” So it’s how you think and how you communicate your thoughts to yourself an others that has a major influence on the quality of your experience.

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