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What do you do when you are challenged? Do you tend to worry or complain? Or do you look at the problem, come up with a helpful plan, then take action? Your first option of worry and complaining may seem to be somewhat satisfying especially if you can find someone who will put up with it and even join you. However, complaining and worry are like a downward spiral. They actually compound the problem. Here’s a great alternative: take positive action. In the face of a problem almost any positive action however small can be a thousand times more helpful than worry and complaining. Positive action by its very nature gives you a sense of power and hope. It’s the difference between a person who makes himself a victim and a person who has control of his life. So here’s the plan: next time you feel like complaining stop yourself and ask yourself, “What can I do to make things better?” Listen to yourself. Then be proactive. Do something. Anything. Even if it’s small and doesn’t seem to have any tangible effect. It may lead you to do something of greater consequence that will help everyone. As they say, just do it.

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