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Positive Outlook

Every moment of our lives we have a choice to be happy or unhappy. Life can be challenging. How we think, our inner attitudes regarding all things, determines our well being. Have a positive attitude about people, your life challenges, your job, your family, about all things. Having a positive attitude doesn’t mean that you are living in denial. It means that you choose to see and hope for the positive outcome of any life encounter. Doing this allows you to respond to problems in a proactive and constructive manner. There is no value in negative self talk. Negative thinking simply puts you into a kind of loveless depression that leads you to chronic unhappiness. Perhaps chronic depression is nothing more than the bad habit of negative thinking. Try this: observe your thinking and emotional response to all that happens to you in a given day. Observe your inner judgments and thoughts and notice how they make your feel. If you are uncomfortable with a thought, turn it around. For example, “I don’t like what’s happening now” can be turned into “I know I can influence this situation for the better.” Happy people have a positive outlook on their life moments. Choose to be happy. You deserve it.

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