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Self Indulgence

Most of us know that to accomplish anything requires effort and sometimes some discomfort. That’s not the problem. The problem may be a desire to escape the effort and discomfort and indulge the self with instant gratification, denial, and other escapes. Happy and successful people are self disciplined and indulge themselves on occasion. Ice cream once in a while can be fun. Ice cream all the time can be destructive. Self indulgence can become a very bad habit undermining your ability to follow through with the things that support happy healthy experience. Here’s something that might help if you self indulge too much: tell yourself that you are going to obey yourself. Set healthy boundaries for what you want to accomplish. For example determine when to complete a task or how much to eat and when or how long you will sleep in or how much you will drink. Then obey yourself. This may sound simplistic but by simply thinking and planning about what you want to do you increase the chances of you doing it. Bad habits can be difficult to break. Expect to have some failures but don’t let that stop you. Just start again until you get what you want and your life has some positive structure. Remember, you are the boss of your life, not your habits.

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