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Self Control

As we mature from childhood to adulthood one our major lessons is to learn how to control our emotions, our thoughts, our bodies, how we communicate, and our actions. For example, you don’t want to say everything you think. You don’t want to express your emotions in all circumstances. You don’t want to be subject to your every whim and fall prey to instant gratification. Learn to communicate what you need and want in a win-win manner. Rid yourself of passive-aggressive behavior. Master your temper. Learn to be open and vulnerable at the appropriate times. Learn how to achieve peace of mind and calmness. Happy people have learned how to control themselves and to make distinctions as to how much and when, where, and with whom. Self control empowers you to make wise choices. It empowers you t0 think through things and be proactive. Become your own master. Learn to tell yourself what you will do and then do it. Learn to connect with and obey your wise self.  Don’t despair. This is a lifetime process of learning and refining. Make a life-long commitment to your own personal growth. Happiness is earned. Be happy. You deserve it.

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