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Play is essential for all living beings. And not just play for the young, but play for all ages. We need to have a little fun. What is play? Perhaps a better question is: What is healthy play? Many people say they love to “party.”  For most that means getting together with people and drinking or doing drugs. For some it’s necessary to drink or do drugs to avoid the pain that keeps wanting to surface. So any avoidance of pain essentially is seen as a good thing. The best kind of play is the kind of innocent play that comes naturally without the help of an ingested substance. This kind of play is simple and basically human. It brings on a feeling of simple joy. Here are examples of healthy play: rolling on the floor with your dog; singing to yourself while on a walk; playing ping-pong and not keeping score or caring if you win; making funny faces at each other; goofy dancing. Healthy play is innocent and can be related to by all humans. Even animals enjoy a good joke that doesn’t hurt anyone. Have you ever heard a horse laugh? They do. So, play a little today. You will feel lighter.

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