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Being in nature automatically triggers our subconscious connection to something greater than ourselves.  Just feeling the wind on your face or seeing the expanse of a big sky in the desert or prairie or the sound of rain or the smell of spring green growing can transport you into an inexplicable joy. What is that joy? It is the deep realization that there is something great and loving and wise at work. It is the sense that beyond our everyday small lives is something that expands our souls. A realization that there is a power, an energy, a forced at work that is beyond our comprehension and yet we are a part of it. And that in some unexplainable way we are taken care of….even beyond and in spite of death. Perhaps that’s why so many people love working in their garden. Being around anything growing and natural lifts our spirits and gives a much needed new perspective. Try this: slow down. Find some moment and place where you can just sit and feel the energy of nature. Notice the small movement of leaves on a tree or the smell of grass. Sit quietly on a mountain trail or the desert sand. You will find your spirit there.

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