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How To Pick A Therapist: First Contact

There are two good ways to start looking for a psychotherapist or hypnotherapist: by referral and/or by internet. Once you have called a therapist notice how long it takes for the therapist to return your call. A considerate therapist will return your call quickly within hours. If they don’t return your call the same day, consider looking for another therapist. No fast return of a call is not a good sign.  If the therapist is on vacation they should announce the date of their return on their voice mail. A good therapist will spend time with you on the phone. They will be patient and show a genuine interest in your problem. Pay attention to how you feel when talking to them. Do they seem rushed or over burdened with too many clients. Do they seem compassionate or do they seem to regard you a just another piece of business. Trust your gut level feeling. Next advice: The Telephone Conversation.

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