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How To Pick A Therapist: What To Ask

Your first telephone conversation with your possible new therapist is important in establishing your expectations and determining if they are a good fit for you. A good therapist will be willing to spend time answering your questions patiently. In addition both of you should be interviewing each other. They should ask you what is happening and what you want to accomplish in therapy and they should listen intently with interest. Don’t be afraid to reveal yourself. How they respond on the phone will give you hints as to how they will be in person. There will be a moment when it is appropriate to ask them your questions. Of course you want to know their fee and if they have a sliding scale. You may also want to ask them how long or how many sessions it will take, however, a therapist will never know the answer to this question. Length of therapy can take anywhere from several sessions to several months to several years depending on your problem, your goals, and your personal make up. Ask if their therapy is typically long or short term. A therapist can tell you their style. Ask them what techniques they use. Do they do processes? Is it merely talk therapy? Have they treated anyone with your problem? What kind of success have they had in the past with other clients with the same problems and goals?  What is their education and therapeutic background? How long have they been in practice? Don’t be afraid to ask. If they show signs of impatience, forget them. You want someone who will help you with compassion, patience, and persistence.

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