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Personal Power Advice in San Diego & Encinitas & Carlsbad – The Courage to Be Who You Are

Why is real self-confidence and the courage to be who you are so elusive? Here’s a therapist is San Diego, Encinitas, and Carlsbad’s perspective. Personal power is something we all want. And yet so few people say they feel powerful. Why is this? And how can you feel powerful when you don’t? And what is personal power after all? And what is it not? Here are the real facts about personal power.

First of all personal power is not about fame, talent, youth, beauty, money, popularity, influence, mobility, family, health, possessions, social status, having a partner, or how many friends you have. Although you may have these things and they can enhance your life it is not essential to feel powerful. How can this be? Certainly all of these things can add to your life experience. But not one of these things makes you feel powerful if you lack the key ingredient to having true personal power.

Personal power is about knowing who you are, connecting emotionally with who you are, and being true to who you are. Sound simple? Well it’s not. Why is that? Most of us have very little idea of who we are. If we don’t know who we are how can we connect to ourselves emotionally? Our view of ourselves is limited by our core beliefs about ourselves. Our core beliefs about ourselves are formed very early in life. In fact, so early as we may not even recall the events and conditions that formed them. And to add to that we may be in denial of our early experiences because of the pain they caused. So we simply choose to forget. We learn to have selective memory.

What does this have to do with personal power? Everything. If we have experiences in the past that convince us that we are unworthy, unloved, not safe, guilty, inadequate, or in any way lesser beings then we live and act accordingly. You can tell yourself as an adult that you are worthy.  And you’d be right. But if as a child you didn’t feel worthy and you have never healed or upgraded that feeling then that child still lives on within you influencing how you feel, think, and act.

The only way around this dilemma is through it. Here is where having courage comes in to having personal power. Go back and face those events and conditions that caused you to feel unworthy, unloved, unsafe, or less than others. Acknowledge what happened and how it affected you. Let yourself feel it. See the precious innocent child that you were. Yes, it may be painful and yes, you would really benefit from having a professional help you through this. But the payoff is stupendous.

When you see the wonderful truth about the child you were you can see the wonderful truth about yourself. The truth is that you are of inestimable value. You are loved, safe, worthy, innocent, and yes, powerful. If you have the courage to believe what you know about the child within you then you have personal power. Your every thought and act will be backed by this knowledge. You will have a well-being that can survive life’s challenges. Ask yourself, “Do I have the courage to believe I am of inestimable value?”

Remember that until you have done the work of healing your past you cannot truly live your worthiness in the present. Until you acknowledge how small you have felt deep down you cannot acknowledge how wonderful you truly are. This transformation can be done. You can do this. All right, it might take some time and it might be difficult. But it is doable. Your creator did not put you on this earth to suffer. You are here to come to know who you are. You are here to know your true value. This is personal power.

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