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Peak Experience

Joseph Campbell speaks of the peak experience in his interviews with Bill Moyers. A peak experience is when the ego is set aside and you enter into a perception of reality devoid of judgment or fear. People who have peak experiences often tell of insights, Truths, and knowledge that could not normally be experienced or known. The experience is often accompanied by the perception of a light the suffuses optical or inner vision. It is always accompanied by feelings of absolute bliss. For some it is like a peek into eternity or heaven, a communion with God. The peak experience is so powerful that it cannot be forgotten and often becomes a beacon for one’s life purpose. Some peak experiences are more profound than others and have varied impact on the individual. But one thing is sure: A peak experience is a highly spiritual event that offers a perspective on life that inspires and comforts. How does one have a peak experience? Some peak experiences come naturally. For example, moments in nature can trigger feelings of well being and joy that can propel the individual into a peak experience. One can be moved into a peak experience when in absolute despair the individual asks God or a higher power for help and guidance. This reflects the adage, “From the ashes of your despair arise the phoenix of your joy and peace.”  In my workshop, The Renaissance Experience”, the participants have the opportunity to get a “Truth.” This is the peak experience. Participants who have gone through the workshop many years ago (I’ve been conducting it since 1984) report that moment of getting a Truth to be transformative in their lives.

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