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Hero’s Journey

Joseph Campbell spoke of the journey we are all on whether we are aware of it or not. Whether we are actively participating with it we are destined to walk it at some point in the evolution of our soul selves. It is the hero’s journey. One example Joseph Campbell talks about is the spiritual journey of the hero. He describes it as a willingness to go within to face the dragons of our own psyches and returning to give our wisdom to others. Many people do everything they can to avoid looking within, feeling their feelings, and facing the pains of life. Campbell says that when we do face ourselves we are going to experience much pain but in the end experience joy and bliss. It is one of the mysteries of our human experience that to go into the depths of our own personal hells releases us to our personal heaven. It is the hero’s journey. Consider the saying, “From the ashes of your despair arise the phoenix of your truth and joy.”

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