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Women As Spiritual Seekers

Joseph Campbell had a deep interest in Eastern Religions. In his talks about symbols, myths, and religions he often referred to the female aspect of God. He pointed out that in Western religious tradition God is seen as male and in Eastern religious tradition God is seen as both male and female. He demonstrated how the female goddess often reigned supreme as the giver of life and should be honored as great. Perhaps it is the Western religious interpretation of God the Father that has contributed to placing women in a spiritual and psychological lesser place than men. Campbell seems to have thought so. In my experience as a therapist I have often seen women as energetic spiritual seekers often far more concerned with discovering the meaning of life and uncovering its truths than their male partners. This is not to say that I have not seen men powerfully yearning for and seeking the same. However, it does seem to be easier to find a woman seeking spiritual truth than a man. Do you have an opinion on this? Please leave a comment.

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