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Peaceful Center Within You

You have within you a center for deep understanding, wisdom, compassion, and love. Each of us has this center. Some call it the higher self or the great loving wise self. When you turn your focus within upon this center you can access peace of mind and a perspective on life that will give you great comfort. Life is difficult and constantly changing. For you to find even mindedness you must “tune in” to something that is unchanging. That is your great loving wise self. By simply shifting your thoughts to this part of yourself you will begin to feel the calming effects of it. When you find yourself too wrapped up in some dilemma or conflict turn you attention inward for a time and seek out this quiet center. Let yourself rest there for a while. After a time you will have a perspective that may help you cope and even solve the problem. People who are focused on the ups and downs of life are pulled in whatever direction that life pulls them. Such people can know no peace of mind. But those who frequently seek that quiet center do find happiness there. In the midst of chaos you can find this quiet spot in your center.

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