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Coping With Change

Life has its ups and downs, its victories and its disappointments, its seasons of youth and old age. Life is drama and constant change. There is nothing in life that you can hold on to that gives you security because eventually all things change. People die, you age, your dog or cat dies, your children grow up.  All that you are attached to will leave you including your own physical life. That is the way of life. Many try to  control this inevitable condition of change by having plastic surgery, remaining emotionally mature in order to try to keep things from changing, buying a new car, going shopping, or adopting a philosophy promotes denial. This thing of change and loss is pretty depressing when you think about it.  But that is the way of life. When we are attached to the things of life it is very painful when we lose them. It is human nature to be attached. We are attached to the people we know, our pets, our homes, our cars, our things, to what we think we know about many things. We are attached to our youth and to our health. That is human nature. But have you noticed that when these things change or leave or die how devastating it can be? There is a secret that some know that allows them to transcend and reasonably tolerate the losses in life. That secret is cultivating the attachment to something eternal within the self. Sometimes I call this The Great Loving Wise Self. It is the part of the self that is unchanging and never dies. Stay tuned to this blog to learn more.

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