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Lynn’s Story of Finding Her Center

Some years ago I worked with a client who faced a devastating event in her life. Lynn was devout in her religion and found comfort in it. However, one day when she learned that her husband had been having multiple affair throughout their marriage she fell apart. She could never have dreamed that she could be victim of such a betrayal and could barely get through her day. Her shock turned to sadness then to anger then to bitterness. Because of her religious beliefs she did not want to become a bitter woman but wanted instead to lead a life of integrity and service. However, her experience had tainted her trust of herself and of others. In her work with me she realized that during her childhood she had been programmed to accept what others told her without question. As a result she was “blinded” to her own intuitive abilities to “see” what was really true or false. She consequently was blinded to her husband’s behavior and simply ignored the warning signs throughout the years. Now she was faced with how to heal her own wounds. As she began to trust herself as a result of her therapy, she began to recover her ability to ” see.” She turned to her center, her great loving wise self, and there found she had the ability to access great knowledge and comfort. Gradually she recovered from her bitterness and found a place within herself that she could trust.

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