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Man Who Had An Affair

A man was unhappily married for the last six of his twenty year marriage and rather than address the underlying problem in the marriage had an affair. The affair lasted several years and ended finally when the woman decided that she was wasting her time. Just as the affair was ending the man’s wife discovered his affair and asked for a divorce. The man realized that he would be alone and begged his wife to stay. His wife decided to get therapy and go through a personal growth workshop so she could become more clear about what she wanted. Several months later she was able to admit to herself that her marriage had been suffering for some time. She told her husband that she would be willing to stay and work on the marriage if he was willing to get some therapy and go through a workshop as well. The man said that he would but when he entered therapy and found out what he had to face in himself he quit therapy and told his wife that he was fine. If you were the wife what would you do?

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