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The Powers Of Self-Hypnosis – One

Self-Hypnosis has many powers that can enhance and enliven your life. Self-hypnosis has the power to heal you, to calm you, to give you motivation and direction. Perhaps one of the most important and powerful ways self-hypnosis can help you is its ability to help you access your subconscious mind. Why is this so important? Because your subconscious mind controls most of what you think, do, and feel. It contains your hidden core beliefs and will always win in a battle of wills. Here is an example: Imagine you are about to give a speech and you are feeling nervous. No matter what you tell yourself you are going to feel that anxiety to some degree. But if you access your subconscious mind through self-hypnosis and learn what you are really anxious about you can communicate with that part of yourself and completely change your response. In other words through the help of self-hypnosis you can change how you think, feel, and act. Stay with this series on self-hypnosis and learn more about how you can communicate with your subconscious mind.

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