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Your Love Is Everything

Your children need healthy boundaries with helpful consequences if crossed. They need you to be there for them in their activities, homework, victories, and trials. They need you to play with them, experiment with them, and make mistakes with them. And above all they need your consistent expression of love. Not smother love. Respectful and … Read more

Children Take On Your Problems

Your children look to you like a tiny bud looks to the sun for survival. You children are so tuned into you that they can read your every mood and thought pattern. Since you are your children’s survival, both emotionally and physically, it means everything to them that you are happy and healthy. Anything that … Read more

Good Parenting is Hard Work

Good parenting is hard work. One of the most common problems I see in my practice is the result of neglectful parenting. To raise a happy balanced human being to adulthood is an awesome responsibility. Good parenting takes an abundance of time and patience. For example, it’s important to set healthy boundaries and have tangible … Read more

My Parent Was My Best Friend

Over the years specializing on inner child healing primarily of adults I have learned first hand the long term effects of parenting. Often someone will come in feeling depressed and unmotivated. They may be at a point in their life where they have little or no impulse control and are caught in some debilitating addiction. … Read more

Children Take On Parent’s Fears

Carrie, age ten, came to me to treat her fear of going to school. Her mother, Sue, insisted that Carrie’s fear was her’s alone in spite of the fact that Carrie claimed that she was afraid of leaving her mother alone in the house during the day. Carrie was also afraid for her own safety … Read more