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Good Parenting is Hard Work

Good parenting is hard work. One of the most common problems I see in my practice is the result of neglectful parenting. To raise a happy balanced human being to adulthood is an awesome responsibility. Good parenting takes an abundance of time and patience. For example, it’s important to set healthy boundaries and have tangible consequences if those boundaries are broken. Often it is good to negotiate those boundaries with your child. And it is imperative that if a boundary is broken that you see to it that the consequence is in place. Enacting that consequence can be a sacrifice for you. For example your child doesn’t complete his homework as promised. This may mean that he cannot go out and play with his friends that day. This may in turn mean that you must alter your plans to make sure that things go smoothly. You may find it necessary to sit with your child and help him overcome any blocks he has with his homework or deal with his complaint that “life isn’t fair,” or help him understand the importance of self discipline. Making sure your child does his chores can be a chore in itself and may involve consequences that you need to enforce. Tucking your child in, teaching him to do certain skills, being patient when he makes mistakes and allowing him to muddle through as he learns something as you avoid the temptation to do it for him, sitting down with him and exercising patience as you teach him math or how to read. You may be tired, busy, overworked, and frustrated. Still you must be patient and put in the time, effort, and love. This way you hone a happy balanced human being.

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