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Children Take On Your Problems

Your children look to you like a tiny bud looks to the sun for survival. You children are so tuned into you that they can read your every mood and thought pattern. Since you are your children’s survival, both emotionally and physically, it means everything to them that you are happy and healthy. Anything that happens to you that upsets you in any way is perceived as threatening their survival. If you are happy they feel safe. If you are depressed they feel threatened. So a child’s way of dealing with any conflict you may have is to attempt to protect you from any threat. One of the most common ways your child will protect you is by taking on your conflicting emotions. If for example you are depressed you child will attempt to cheer you, distract you, entertain you, and solve your problem as best he or she can while taking on your conflicting emotions. The “logic” is that if they take on your conflict it will relieve you of yours. Day by day what you feel, how you communicate, and how you act molds your child. Your unresolved emotional issues get taken on by your children in some form and are acted out throughout their lives. If you have a problem do your best to resolve it and return to an even minded and loving state. If you have a chronic problem such as anger, anxiety, or depression seek professional help. You will not only be healing yourself, you will be healing your child.

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