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Teach First Things First

Teaching your children good habits can’t begin too soon. The most powerful way to teach good habits is by having good habits yourself. “Do as I say not at I do,” simply doesn’t work for teaching good habits. Role modeling is how children learn. One of the most important habits to teach your child is … Read more

Negotiate With Your Child

Healthy boundaries are imperative for good parenting. Too strict is not good. Too unstructured is not good. As your child grows and is able to do things more independently the boundaries you set will need to change. A part of setting healthy boundaries is healthy consequences when the boundaries are crossed. A very powerful way … Read more

You Are Not Your Child’s Best Friend

A problem I see frequently in my practice in my adult clients is the result of a parent befriending their child. If you befriend your child you place upon them the burden of giving up their childhood. Connie loved her five year old daughter, Jennifer, very much. Unfortunately for both Connie and Jennifer Connie’s husband, … Read more

Be Kind To Your Children

Did you know that you can shame your child with just a roll of  the eye or a slight tone in your voice? Your children tune into your every expression, intonation, mood, act, and word. You are their god, the sunshine that makes them survive. Without your love and support they whither and sometimes die. … Read more

Let Your Children Know They Are Not Their Mistakes

How you address your children’s mistakes can have a life time effect on them. Over the years in my practice I have seen countless times the devastating results of critical parents. It seems to me to be unbelievable that a parent would say, “You can’t do anything right,” or “You’ll never amount to anything,” or … Read more