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How To Overcome Disappointment

In life you can expect to be disappointed. Many times. Disappointment in others, in the turn of events, in dashed expectations, in yourself…these disappointments are normal. Some people become bitter and say, “Life is a bitch and then you die.” Others endure with a stoic attitude. Some endlessly complain, driving themselves and those around them to distraction. But since disappointment is a given in life why not learn how to rise above it and maintain your peace of mind and joy in life? Here are some suggestions that may help. First, make your focus in life about connecting to something that is eternal. Identify with your higher self or your God-self within. Know that on this level there is unconditional love and that you are safe. No one and nothing can rob you of this. When you are connected to something beyond the ups and downs of life and you achieve even mindedness then you are free. Since you know that life has ups and downs come to expect it. Since humans are flawed come to expect it. When disappointment comes immediately identify with the hidden positive purpose behind the disappointment.  Then shift your focus from what is lost to your next proactive move. Often it helps to sit a bit and allow the emotions of disappointment rise and then pass. Then get up and begin again with a positive outlook.

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