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Open to Love

We humans have the basic need to feel loved, safe, and worthy. It’s pretty simple. Loved, safe, and worthy. Yet we tend to mess things up in our quest to achieve these. One of the things we do to mess up is to shut off our love, both our willingness to receive it and to give it. When we shut off love it’s because of our past experience, usually in childhood, when we make a decision that to be open to love is too painful. So we shut off. To be happy we have to find a way to open to love, to allow it in and give it out. As the adult you are today you can decide to have love in your life. Yes, love is a decision. You can see that you are no longer trapped in childhood and that it’s safe to begin to experiment with loving and being loved. You may need to do some soul searching and a little therapy, but you can open your heart and live joyfully now. As a therapist after all the processes and talk that therapy has to offer, I have seen that which heals is the experience of love. Love is basic. We all need it. Open to love. You deserve it.

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