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Healthy Boundaries

What are your rules for life? Who or what do you allow yourself to experience? How far will you allow yourself to go? What kind of people do you allow yourself to be around? What are your boundaries for health, finances, relationships, your emotional, mental, and spiritual life? Some of your boundaries may be flexible. For example, generally you may eat healthy foods but once in a while you may eat junk food. Some of your boundaries may be non-negotiable. For example, you will never engage in shaming another person. Boundaries are the rules you have for your life. People with little thought out boundaries are often the most confused and frustrated people. A child raised without healthy boundaries is a frightened child. He may feel that no one “has his back.” Healthy  boundaries are what give us a sense of security. We can always modify, change, expand, and invent new boundaries. Your life experience will help you define your boundaries. Those without healthy boundaries are likely to be prone to addiction and develop poor character. Think about your life. What do you want to experience? Try this experiment: Today consider just one new boundary you want to have in your life and “play” with it.

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