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Have you ever noticed that when you do something in the extreme that there is always a price to pay? Consider it. If you exercise in the extreme it’s likely you won’t continue but quit all together. If you diet to the extreme your body and mind may rebel and cause you to gain back the weight plus some. If you allow your emotions to become too volatile and extreme you may experience a depression later. If you work too often and too hard you may lose your perspective  and balance. If you sleep too much you may become groggy. If you talk too much you may miss out on what listening can offer you. The fact is that in most things moderation offers you a lot of perks. For one it allows you to remain in balance. Moderation allows you to have longevity in whatever you are doing. Moderation can keep you healthy and happy. Forget instant gratification. Let go of your greed. Embrace moderation. You will be happier for it.

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