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Have you ever heard the saying, “He can’t be all bad. He loves animals.” There is something to that. Compassion for animals reflects a deeper compassion for the child within the self. So loving yourself including your inner child allows you to expand that love to other vulnerable living beings. It has also been said that it is the innocence of the child that opens the door to our spiritual salvation. By finding and stepping into your own innocence you are connecting with your spirit. It is there that you find your true joy and peace. Having an animal in your life reminds you of that innocence and it touches you deep in your soul self. Stopping to help a stray dog or cat, volunteering at your local humane society, playing with a friend’s pet, adopting a pet yourself and giving your pet a safe nurturing home all put you closer to your spirit self. Animals reflect your innocence. Love and protect them. When you do you are loving and protecting yourself.

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