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Healthy Food

Don’t underestimate the influence what you eat has on your body and emotions. It’s easy to deny how important what you feed yourself is. You’ve heard “you are what you eat.” Sugar sends you into hyperdrive then into depression.  Too many carbs make you feel heavy and slow you down. For some the idea of eating healthy is equal to no fun. Actually, eating healthy leads to fun. Yes, I know that there are definite foods that are more fun at the onset than lean proteins and vegetables. But start to make the connection with how you feel and what you eat. Your denial of this connection can make you rationalize too much “fun food.” Consider this true story told about a spiritual master: after meditating he ate a sweet orange. To him the sweetness was so blatantly sweet and gross that it was like being “stung by scorpions.” This story seems to imply that the more you evolve toward your true self the more refined you become in your tastes including what you eat.

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