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Milton Erickson Wisdom – Courageous Thinking

As  I came to become acquainted with Milton Erickson in my hypnotherapy training with him I developed a respect for his way of thinking. Not only was his thinking innovative and independent, it was courageous. Today inner child healing is an established part of pop psychology culture. In the 1970’s it was pure inspiration. Yes, … Read more

Milton Erickson Wisdom – Memory Recovery Benefits

Milton Erickson showed me this: “You can’t heal something you can’t remember.” Over the years working with my clients I have learned that when you recover a memory through hypnotic regression you immediately begin the process of healing. Until a conflicting high impact moment in the past is brought into consciousness it remains in control of … Read more

Milton Erickson Wisdom – Artful Dance of Therapy

“Every client deserves to have a therapist that has the courage to challenge them with compassion and perseverance.” Milton Erickson showed me the artful dance of being a good therapist. Since every person is different with different histories, different personalities, different likes and tastes, each person’s therapy must be  custom honed to that person. Milton … Read more

Milton Erickson Wisdom – Pain Control

In the 1970’s I had the honor of being a student of Milton Erickson at his home in Phoenix, Arizona. So I travelled from my home in San Diego to Phoenix. Joining me in my training were a handful of other therapists who had heard about Milton’s “uncommon therapy.” We were all eager to learn … Read more

Milton Erickson Wisdom – Hypnosis Induction

Milton Erickson, the father of hypnotherapy, has had a profound effect on our culture and more personally, on me and my practice as a hypnotherapist. I recall during my training with Milton a student asking him how long of an induction is required to receive effective hypnosis suggestion. He smiled and replied, “My wife can … Read more