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Milton Erickson Wisdom – Memory Recovery Benefits

Milton Erickson showed me this: “You can’t heal something you can’t remember.” Over the years working with my clients I have learned that when you recover a memory through hypnotic regression you immediately begin the process of healing. Until a conflicting high impact moment in the past is brought into consciousness it remains in control of the individual causing thought, emotion, and behavior patterns to repeat throughout life. The moment a memory is revealed to the conscious mind a series of psychological event can occur. First the adult mind logic steps in and reasons that that past event is no longer happening so it’s safe to make a change. You can recognize the core belief that was formed during those early experiences. Then you can identify the effects the event has had upon you and you can express the unexpressed-in-the-past emotions. Once these things occur an automatic healing begins. You can have an entirely new perspective on your past and consequently on the present. You can instantly begin to change old self defeating behaviors and habits into healthy ones. I have seen clients who have spent years in therapy, reading self help books, and attending classes and workshops break through to new freedom in  very little time based on this wonderful series of therapeutic events. Thank you again, Milton Erickson.

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